About TMA

The entrepreneurial and the established. Big players and small upstarts. The D.C. region is home to every kind of company at every stage — technology, telecommunications, healthcare, bioscience, professional services, finance, publishing — along with the investment capital to back them up. What they have in common is the ongoing need to define their brands, understand what’s driving their customers and position their organizations to grow.

That’s why we founded the Technology Marketing Alliance: to give marketing decision makers a forum to exchange ideas, build relationships and gain (or re-gain) inspiration. From our launch in 2006, we’ve continued to evolve along with our membership. As an invitation-only group of top-level marketers, we want to create an environment where ideas can flourish.

We offer programs that feature both industry peers and nationally-recognized authors and speakers. Plus, interaction where members can discuss new methods and technologies or seek out resources. And the ability to form genuine connections with others who share your passion for doing great work.

Learn. Share. Connect. The Technology Marketing Alliance isn’t a networking group. It’s a community where everyone can gain new perspectives. Join us.